Combat Survival

Our Survival Course (with SERE components) prepares the students to survive in the natural environment. It consists of theory classes, practical exercises and training executed in accordance with the MOD training programme requirements. The syllabus is based on the P.L.A.N. scheme (Protection, Location, Acquisition, Navigation). The trainees learn and practice the rules of protection against direct threats, effective exposition of own location for accurate finding by emergency services, acquisition of resources necessary for survival, and navigation to safety.

Course objectives:
  • Study and improvement of the techniques of survival in extreme natural environmental conditions, and basic techniques of capture evasion.
  • Study and improvement of the survival techniques while captured or confined.
  • Study of the methods of cooperation with the members of the personnel recovery system during search and rescue missions and support of hostage rescue operations
  • Study and improvement of basic methods and rules of self-protection by the use of camouflage techniques, including hidden movement and tracking party misleading techniques
  • Improvement of methods of maintaining the appropriate psycho-physical condition in hostile natural environment (including techniques for stress resistance while in isolation)
There are three levels of advancement in the Survival Course (with SERE components), executed on a weekend basis.
  • Basic (24h) – Certificatet
  • Medium (24h) – Certificate
  • Advanced (24h) – Certificate