We are a specialised training centre offering our own and unique combat training programme developed by one of the best professionals in the field of combat and tactical support.

The Academy of Combat Support and Training is the only training facility in Poland which draws from the experience of veterans of international combat missions, peacekeeping missions, and participants of international and domestic certifications of combat detachments.

Our offer comprises firearms and survival training courses (with SERE components), as well as medical and defensive/tactical training programmes, all of which are developed in accordance with standards and requirements of branches of the military responsible for supervision of the national safety and security, as well as the best practices of several international institutions. Our unique and dynamic training programme takes into consideration constant analysis of domestic and international terror threats.

We also offer „custom-made” training courses, which are tailored to comply with the individual training needs of the customers. We dedicate our offer to public and private institutions which require from their employees to often travel abroad, especially to the frontier or hostile regions. Our training programme is also designed to meet the needs of individual customers who are interested in gaining certificates recognised and required by the majority of employers in the specific discipline.

The company’s offer is also targeted towards the staff and employees of the organisational units responsible for protection of these institutions, and units tasked with moderation of management processes in the time of crisis.

Additionally, the Academy of Combat Support and Training offers help and support in programme-training of soldiers of the Territorial Guard, students of the Academic Legion and high school service classes.